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Enzo Staiola
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Enzo Staiola biography

Born in Rome in 1939, in the popular roman district of Garbatella, the actor Enzo Staiola began his acting career at age nine, when he was casted in the role of Bruno Ricci in Vittorio De Sica's "Ladri di biciclette" (1948). Vittorio De Sica chose him because of his characteristic walk, becoming the most famous child actor of Italian cinema, for the extraordinary sensitivity with which he gave life to the character, the son of the protagonist, the worker Ricci. Allowing direct from De Sica with extreme skill, the little Enzo became a kind of manifesto of Italian neorealism living, because of its spontaneous and profound humanity.

However, his subsequent career as an actor would not let him never to deepen the character that made him famous or to repeat the miracle of his debut, though some in his interpretations appear worthy of note, such as the one in "The White Line" (1950), by Luigi Zampa, in which he argued a major role.He later worked in other film productions like: "Marechiaro" (1949); "Vulcano" (1949); "Altri tempi" (1952); "Penne nere" (1952); "Il ritorno di Don Camillo" (1953).

Enzo Staiola interrupted his artistic career in the early sixties except return briefly to acting for a role in La ragazza dal pigiama giallo in 1977 after which he gave up the film activity.

Enzo Staiola - biography
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