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Bruno Benetti
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Bruno Benetti biography

Entrepreneur born in Villaverla (Vicenza, Italy) from a very large family, Bruno Benetti at the age of ten manages to set up in his cellar a small amateur movie theater for the children from the courtyard of the houses where he lives. The experience don’t last long, just as his young customers have little money available, but in later years it turns out to be of very great educational importance. Having completed a daytime apprenticeship and technical evening classes at the Rossi Technical Institute in Vicenza.

Specialized in electrical engineering, in 1964 along with his brothers he decides to found his first major business activity in the electro-mechanics field. The 60s and 70s see him mainly abroad in Europe, Asia and the United States to develop his technical and language skills, while consolidating his business abilities and gaining a reputation as a successful entrepreneur. Gifted with a marked vocation for internationalization, for which he has gained prestigious institutional awards, he often finds a common denominator with his foreign contacts in his old passion for cinema, and enjoys great credibility as an Italian. Indeed, neorealism cinema, distributed throughout the world at that time, contributes to strengthen the credibility of all Italian entrepreneurs of merit, who are seen with fondness and increasing trust abroad thanks in part to this. During the development of his activities Bruno Benetti has succeeded in diversifying his interests across numerous segments, over the time these segments are converged in the ITIGROUP holding company, that brings together an excess of 20 stake holdings in companies located in ten foreign countries. Thanks to his old passion, he applies his entrepreneurial skills in the realization of successful cinema projects through Triworld Italia Srl.

Amonghis numerous awards he likes to mention those:
Marco Polo regional award (1996)
Pigafetta Award, gold medal winner (2006)

Bruno Benetti - biography
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